Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cheddar’s–good food, insanely slow kitchen



We drove into town this morning intent on a late breakfast and some grocery shopping.

It was about 11:35 a.m. when we decided to try the new Cheddar’s Casual Café that opened a couple of months ago. We’ve cruised the parking lot a couple of times previously, but decided the place was too crowded for immediate seating.

This morning was no exception. The foyer was jammed with people, mostly families, waiting to be seated in the absurdly noisy main dining area and the wait to be seated was estimated at 20 minutes.

Learning there was immediate seating in the bar, we found a table there and waited for someone to notice us. A pleasant waitress came around after about 10 minutes and took our orders – two three-cheese hickory burgers. Then began about a 40-minute wait for our food, a wait that I considered intolerable.

The burgers were excellent when they finally showed up, but the damage was done. It will be a long time before I let the Cheddar’s kitchen waste my time again. I didn’t blame the waitress because she has no control over kitchen efficiency and tipped her the standard 20%.

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