Monday, January 30, 2012

They’re back

We live in a small wooded subdivision that is built out, except for the lot that borders our north property line.

That lot is mostly wooded and slopes down to a small creek. The contours of the property and the drainage have assured it was the least desirable lot in the subdivision and thus the last to be developed.

The other neighbor whose property borders on the unsold lot and we share theJMF_5173c opinion that we like it wooded and undeveloped. We’ve both toyed with the idea of buying the lot to make sure it stays that way, but haven’t pursued the idea.

That may change.

A young couple parked their GMC extended cab pickup truck at the end of the cul-de-sac (in front of our house) last Thursday afternoon and the guy got out and poked around the woods.

They were back again today. This time she arrived in a Nissan Murano SUV and he in the pickup truck. He pulled blue overalls over his dress slacks and put on boots and headed into the woods with a big surveyor’s tape. The wife followed, gingerly making her way through the underbrush and briars.

They look to be late 20s, early 30s, young professionals. She is pregnant.

They seemed to spend most the time exploring the area farthest from our property and bang up against the neighbor’s cleared back yard. It’s the highest ground on the lot and the most logical place to build a house.

My biggest concern is that they won’t build to the standards set by us and the two other families on our cul-de-sac – quality houses with brick veneer – and will instead throw up some crappy structure with hideous vinyl siding. We already have a couple of houses like that in the subdivision and don’t want another.

It occurs to me that it would probably be a good investment to buy the lot to protect our property value and to sweeten the deal if and when we want to sell.

We shall see.

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