Wednesday, April 27, 2011

See for yourself

Go to the White House web site and download what is purported to be President Barack Hussein Obama’s honest-to-God birth certificate.

Here’s the link:

Now open it in Adobe Illustrator. Click window>Actions>Links and behold the nine layers of alterations made to the original document.

I’m absolutely stunned that they could be so amateurish and sloppy.

And even if you don’t have Illustrator, notice that the green background pattern was added and is not part of the original document because it doesn’t follow the curve of the page on the left. And that was not the name of that hospital in 1961.

But you’d better move quickly before they discover the mistake and replace it with a version where the history has been scrubbed.


Venomous Kate said...

I'm not going to waste time downloading Illustrator and checking out the birth certificate. Though I'm no fan of Obama's, I'll just point out two things:

1) This was a photocopy of the original birth certificate FROM the State's records; the "curve" you see on the left hand side is because it's part of a book of other people's birth certificates. If you try photocopying a page from a very thick hardbound book you'll have the same kind of curve.

2) Kapiolani was formerly Kapiolani Maternity Hospital. Its name was changed around 1940 to Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital. That's well before Obama's birth. It had yet another name change in the late 1970s.

The Oracle said...

I understand what the "curve" is. Duh. That was never an issue for me. What is an issue is why did they insert a layer with the green hatch pattern? It's clear that it wasn't part of the original document because it doesn't follow the curve.
I agree that we have much more pressing problems in this country.
I'm just point out that, from a forensic perspective, this has all of the earmarks of a bogus document, even more egregious than the fake Bush documents that ended Dan Rather's career.