Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday morning stuff

I ran out of excuses yesterday afternoon, fired up the mower and cut the grass in the front and side yards.
Maria finally connected via text message with our Thorntown tenant to inquire about the overdue rent check. He and his family are on a Spring Break vacation in Clearwater, Fla. and he apparently just spaced the rent payment. I’m delighted to hear he and his wife have got their finances on track and can afford a Florida vacation. They’ve gone through some tough times coming back from a bankruptcy.
I’m just puzzled and disturbed that he could overlook something as fundamental and essential as making a rent payment on time. I just don’t understand.
Our internet was down this morning, so I saddled up and rode the K75S in to town for coffee and internet at Seattle Grind. It’s a balmy 70 degrees with no rain in the forecast for a few days, but the heavy overcast makes it feel gloomy and impending. The skies are supposed to clear some as the day wears on. That will be a great relief, since I love sunshine and find gray days downright depressing.
Which can give rise to a venting of opinions:
  • White chocolate is not real chocolate.
  • I have a strange indifference to the question of a federal government shut-down.
  • I reflexively change channels when Geraldo Rivera makes his obscenely egotistical Friday morning appearance on Fox and Friends
  • I don’t like Romaine lettuce.
  • Baskin-Robbins Peanut Butter & Chocolate ice cream is like heroin to me.
  • I miss my sons and granddaughter.

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