Saturday, April 02, 2011

I was wrong and I apologize

Back when I was a newspaper reporter, we had an admonition to “always remember that we’re firing real bullets.”

That means we should choose our targets carefully and not shoot from the hip because our words are being read by other people and can wound.

I was reminded yesterday that I’ve been shooting from the hip as far as our cable TV/internet provider is concerned.

I got an email from Kennieth Goodwin, CEO of Fusion Media, taking issue with the way I have represented his company’s service and content in my blog.

Here’s what he wrote:

It has been brought to my attention that you have been making snide or slanderous remarks in your personal blog regarding Fusion Media, which you like to pre-pend with the term "Con".  While I applaud of your blogging and free speech rights, I do wish that before you make slanderous or incorrect remarks that you address any issues with us.  It seems that most of the issues you refer to are "non-issues" as you are just un-happy about what we do not offer.  I have reviewed your account and do not notice any service calls.  We do appreciate you as a customer and if you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We cannot fix what we are not aware of.

I would also like to add that we are a small, locally owned and operated company.  It is very costly to run cable, internet, and telephone services in the rural community and this is quite evident in the fact that major operators, such as Suddenlink, Comcast, Time Warner, etc... are not your service provider.  If we passed 1,000 homes per mile as in the Jonesboro city limits instead of the 25 homes per mile that we average, we could afford to offer you limitless services that you so often compare us with.  Keep in mind that we also offer these services at an average of $10.00/month or less than any other local service provider.

P.S.  We offer IFC and previously offered Fox Business.  Not a huge demand for Fox Business, no sense in making everyone pay for something very few will watch.  Programmers charge per subscriber.

Mr. Goodwin is absolutely right on all counts. I shot from the hip as grumpy old men are wont to do. My gripes, which were highly subjective, had no place in a public forum such as this and I have systematically expunged them from the blog.

Truth be told, our cable and internet have been more stable and reliable since Mr. Goodwin’s company bought the operation from the folks at Batesville.

I hope he will accept my apology.

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