Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I can see clearly now…


This week’s rainy weather got me motivated this afternoon to replace the wiper blades on my ‘94 Honda del Sol.

The last time I drove in rain, I noticed the left wiper was pretty streaky and the right one was even worse, with a long strand of rubber dangling from the bottom.

So I stopped at AutoZone on my way in to town to buy new wiper blades. They have them ranging from cheapies for about $5, all the way up to the $34 Bosch blades.

“What’s the difference between a $5 wiper blade and a $34 wiper blade?” I asked the sales guy. “Do the more expensive ones last longer?”

“Nope. They all last about the same. The rubber deteriorates in the sunlight and you need to replace them about every six months.”

Six months? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Mine are at least five years old and maybe even twice that.

He never did give me a satisfactory answer about why it’s better to buy more expensive blades, so I opted for a pair of $12 Rain-X Weatherbeaters and a gallon of Rain-X windshield washer fluid.

Changing blades was a snap and, as you might suppose, brand new Rain-X blades do a helluva lot better job than blades with 50,000 miles on them.

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