Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scanning negs and loupe-de-loupe

scanning negs
Once in a blue moon, somebody tracks me down to inquire about photos I shot in the distant past.
I got a query a couple of weeks ago, but then heard nothing and supposed that the interest had waned.
Nope. I got a flurry of calls yesterday that resulted in me rooting through my archival negatives to find the frames of interest and then make high-res scans of them this morning.
I’m not at liberty to say what the images are or what the project is yet, so stay tuned.
And, as a bonus, I found the really cool 5X Mamiya loupe that I haven’t seen since we moved from Indiana three years ago. It was exactly where I guessed it would be, which is nothing short of amazing. It’s so much nicer than the cheesy plastic Agfa Loupe I would have had to use if I hadn’t found the Mamiya loupe.

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