Saturday, November 20, 2010

Motorcycle Pin of the Day, Revisited

ama charter life pin
Ho ho, you thought we were done with this feature, didn’t you?
This is my AMA Charter Life Member pin that arrived in this morning’s mail. They never sent me one when I achieved Charter Life Member status in the spring of 2007, so I went online earlier this month and bought one. Nice fake gemstone, huh?
You get to be a Charter Life Member of the American Motorcyclist Association by being a continuous member for 25 years. Once you achieve this lofty status, you only have to pay for the AMA magazine every year.

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Rees said...

My Honda Shadow Spirit (affectionately dubbed "Ramona") and I have been separated now for a little over two years--after I developed BPV--or "benign positional vertigo" as a result of a nasty fight with Lyme Tick Disease. Kudos to you sir on earning this milestone--I would have liked to have been counted in amongst those ranks--but it was not to be. Ride safe!