Sunday, November 21, 2010

Morning dog ritual

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Our dogs sleep in our bedroom, Ruthie on the carpet and Pete in his kennel.

Their morning routine is very structured. When they notice we’re awake, they start making noises to let us know they’re awake too and want to go outside.

Ruthie gets to go out first, then we open the kennel door and Pete streaks for the back door, his feet skittering on the tile as he makes a hard left turn around the opened back door.

When they’ve done their business in the fenced back yard, they scratch and bark at the back door until we let them in and give them each a Milk Bone treat. Ruthie takes hers somewhere in the house that she thinks will be safe from Pete, even though he never tries to steal her treats. Pete wants to be close to us, so he brings his treat into the bedroom.

Once he’s finished it, he hops up onto the bed to snuggle with his pack until he gets restless.

Then he stands by the venetian blind-covered window and urgently looks back and forth between us and the window until we pull the blinds up so he can rest his chin on the window sill and gaze into the back yard.

We didn’t notice it when we were house-shopping, but I’m pleased that this house has dog-friendly low windows.

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