Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mission accomplished


Ten hours after I left home, I’m back from Cape Girardeau with Maria’s K75S parked in the garage.

We were unable to start Susan’s R1150RT sidecar rig for Charlie to ride to the BMW shop in Cape Girardeau and it was too wide to fit on the trailer he brought, so he resolved to haul it up to Grass Roots BMW on his other, wider trailer at some point in the future.

It was a nasty, bone-chilling 49 degrees with rain, mist and fog when we left Cape Girardeau about 2 p.m. Charlie led and I followed in his SUV pulling a trailer laden with two bikes down I-55, shooting this photo a few miles south of Benton, Mo. where we gassed at Boomland.

The temperature rose steadily and was up to 76 by the time we reached New Madrid – an increase of 27 degrees in only 50 miles. Charlie was buttoned up in heated pants, jacket and gloves, which made for a comfortable ride when the temperature was still in the 50s, but he was sweltering by the time we got to Arkansas.

It’s been a long day, but we accomplished our mission and can relax and enjoy Thanksgiving.

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