Thursday, April 10, 2014

Something was in the air


It was the spring before the Summer of Love and I drove down to Bloomington with some friends to check out a “Be In” at Dunn Meadow on the Indiana University campus.

Sure enough, the place was full of tail-end beatniks and proto-hippies all trying to look arty and cool, yet profound.

It felt a bit forced and self-consciously artificial, but it was the Midwest, so we all had a lot to learn about what it meant to be 20-something in 1967.

I don’t recall smelling any pot smoke or seeing anything suggestive of drug use, just a lot of young people checking each other out.


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Rich said...

Heck with the hippies, that is one awesome photo of a pristine BSA. Around that same time, that bike or more likely one very much like it sat in the garage of my then 14 year old buddy. It's owner was his cousin who was away on a US Government sponsored tour of Southeast Asia at the time.