Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vernal Equinox stuff

It’s sunny and 64 degrees and I’m spending a little time this first afternoon of spring on a ride to town and a free dark roast coffee at Starbucks (free with an empty Starbucks coffee bag).

This was the hardest winter we’ve endured in our 6+ years in Arkansas and I paid the highest electric bill we’ve seen yesterday. Then I turned off the furnace. Happily, April and May are some of the best months for electric bills, since we can go without heating or AC most of the time.

I gave both dogs their monthly flea/tick/heartworm meds and observed Dora digging with dogged determination in the yard – not an escape tunnel but an apparent search for the varmints that tunnel all over our property. Just to be on the safe side, I kenneled her before I left for town.

I may be getting a handle on managing my diabetic gastroparesis by following advice I found online to eat several small meals daily, rather than three larger ones. I’ve had a large lunch the last couple of days and just a grilled cheese sandwich for an early dinner and find I am sleeping much better with less acid reflux. Helluva way to live, but it is what it is.

We got our taxes filed yesterday, hiring an accountant to do it because of the complications of owning a commercial property and having an LLC partnership. The refund is dismally small, owing to the fact that Maria only worked about six months last year and, consequently, had substantially less taken out for taxes. Time to step up our efforts to improve our cash flow.

The speedo wiring is still wonky on the K75S. I fiddled with it in the post office parking lot and got it working, but I know it’s only temporary. The real fix will require a ride to a dealership, either Memphis or Cape Girardeau. The problem is in the connector under the right side panel. Either the connector is bad or there’s an iffy connection with one of the four wires going into the junction. I’ve considered removing the connectors and soldering the wires into a semi-permanent connection, but I think I’ll defer to a real BMW technician instead.

I was humping along on the treadmill at the fitness center yesterday morning when I glanced up at the big TV screen and saw Comrade Obama, grinning like the fool he is, filling in his NCAA brackets on ESPN. The Russians are taking advantage of our self-imposed impotence, the economy could collapse any day, high crimes and misdemeanors like Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, etc. abound that ESPN is thanking Obama for taking time out of his “busy schedule” to play their little bracket game. I snorted at that remark and the other guy in the locker room laughed out loud.

And Michelle and her kids are going on vacation in China on our dime.

Is it time to sound the Deguello yet?

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