Monday, March 24, 2014

20 years ago


I’m rooting through my travel albums, looking for photos to scan for various BMW motorcycle groups on Facebook, and I found this one shot by Jane Washburn in the spring of 1994.

And I also just realized that I have visited Devil’s Tower three times, on a different bike each time.

The first was in 1990 on my ‘81 BMW R100RS, the second was in 1994 on this gorgeous 1991 BMW K100RS, and the third was in 2008 on my current ride, a 2003 BMW K1200GT.

I’ve owned five BMW motorcycles and this was my favorite. It carried me more than 160,000 miles before it succumbed to a terminally expensive engine ailment that resulted in me parting it out on Ebay.

If memory serves, I rode this bike in every state west of the Mississippi and a whole bunch of the Midwest and Southeast, plus two Canadian provinces.

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