Friday, March 14, 2014

Does it all end on April 9?

ftwoscreenshotI’ve been using a program called For Two Wheels Only to keep all of my motorcycling records since August, 2000 and I love it.

When Windows 7 came out, I was flummoxed because FTWO wouldn’t run on a 64 bit system. I contacted the developer of FTWO, David Portugal, and he recommended upgrading to a version of Win7 that included an XP simulator that worked with 32 bit programs like his. I did and it works fine on my desktop computer.

My netbook came with XP and allows me to enter data into FTWO from the road or wherever I happen to be.

Happy, happy, happy.

Until April 9, when Microsoft cuts off support for XP, exposing it to hackers, hijackers, malware, all kinds of evil shit.

So if I want to keep using my netbook on the road in various and sundry Wifi environments, I need to jump up to Win7 which is constantly being patched and protected by Microsoft.

But I won’t have FTWO anymore.

I emailed David this morning to ask if he has rewritten FTWO for 64 bit systems, but he hasn’t replied and I doubt if he has updated his program for guys like me.

So I wait for a miracle.

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Anonymous said...

go ahead and upgrade your pad to 7, with the simulator. using an xp simulator doesn't switch you to xp, you're still using 7 it just dumbs down 7 for the old apps that don't run on 7. also, you don't need to be online to use the app do you?