Friday, March 07, 2014

The shirt says it all

fuck_shitThis has been a day of frustration.

The temperature climbed above freezing by mid-morning and the heavy mantel of sleety ice has been melting all day, but the ground is still white everywhere I look.

I made an attempt to free the Subaru about 3:30 p.m. and succeeded in backing it about 10 feet farther into the yard before it bogged down in slush and mud.

And our renter, who texted me on Tuesday that he would make his late rent payment this week, texted me this afternoon to say he won’t be able to pay until next Friday, which is two weeks late. I haven’t responded yet because I’m too angry to compose a civil communication.

We went through this a year ago and Maria let him know in very clear language that the next time he played us like this, he’d better start looking for a new home.

Were it not for the tax deductible interest on the mortgage for that house, I would sell it at a loss just to be rid of it and him.

So here we sit, still held prisoner by ice and slush, since I don’t think the Lexus could get out of our subdivision without getting stuck.

Maybe we can get out tomorrow, but more likely Sunday.

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