Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday morning Las Vegas report


My daughter-in-law Nicky needs a professional portrait for her work, so I brought my camera bag along and we did the photo shoot yesterday afternoon.

nickyportraitAA72She and Steve reviewed the images over dinner last evening and I think everyone is very happy with the results.

The wall separating their back yard from the street made a nice neutral background and I can Photoshop out the block pattern if needed. The combination of open shade and sunlight lit her hair as well as any studio lighting setup and the result was some really nice photos.

Nicky flies to New York for work early this afternoon and I’m going downtown with Steve later for a gig that has lots of great photo potential.

In the meantime, I’m developing a strong dislike for the Disney Channel, which Lisa has going 24/7. What with the non-stop overacting of the painfully precocious child stars, the phoney life views and values being portrayed and the ever-present laugh track, it comes across as poisonous eye candy. And a whole generation is growing up on it.

Oh, these kids today!

Do I sound like I’m 68?

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