Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Morning hot tub and coffee

I’m sipping coffee in the St. Bernards Health & Wellness Institute’s cafe, having had a soak in the saltwater hot tub.
Maria had an early class this morning, so I rode the K75S to the post office and then down to Academy Sports where I made the happy discovery that some of their men’s swimwear was on sale for half price. I picked a $9.99 pair of swimming trunks that I can live with and ended up paying $5.43.
I swung by our downtown office property where I found the air conditioning guys had been up on the roof for about two hours working on the AC unit that failed yesterday. The fact that they were still working leads me to hope it’s fixable. We’re already committed to replacing another unit that failed last week at a cost of about $2,500.
I was impressed to discover the locker room amenities here include a wall-mounted machine that wrings out your swimsuit for you. Then it goes into a plastic bag, like the tear-off bags in the produce section of the supermarket, only larger, so the rest of the stuff in your gym bag stays dry. These folks have thought of everything.
It also occurred to me that I could leave my jacket and bag in the locker, rather than drag them around the cafe. I think I’m going to enjoy this place.

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