Tuesday, September 17, 2013

60-year-old comics


It was the fall of my four-grade year when 3-D comic books showed up at the dime store where I bought my reading material.

While regular comics were a dime, these deluxe editions were priced at a hefty 25 cents. That was decades before Indiana instituted a sales tax, so it was still just a quarter.

The one I bought back in October, 1953 is long gone, but I picked up this copy several years ago from a comic collector’s store in my neighborhood in Indianapolis for $4. It’s rare in that the 3-D glasses are still with it.

The cover is loose, but all the pages are there, although they are discolored with age. I’ve found examples in better condition online for around $12, so there’s no bonanza here.


Obviously, if you try to read it without the glasses, you’re asking for a headache.

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