Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stupid stuff I saw on the road

obama bust

Boomland, my favorite stop for gas, snacks, and fireworks on I-57 east of Sikeston, Mo., has a large African-American clientele and seeks to tap their political sympathies with a plethora of ultra tacky Obama idolatry items.

Like these 6” tall busts of the Moonbat Messiah that sell for just $5.99. There are also 8”x10” framed pseudo-holographic portraits and a lot of other stuff for those who still think he represents change they can believe in.

And, no. I did not buy one of these. I didn’t even pick it up to look on the bottom to confirm it was made in China.

ky ged

When I stopped at the Casey, Ill., McDonald’s for a quick lunch on Friday, I was puzzled to notice that the paper tray mats were in support of adult education in Kentucky.

Kentucky? Casey is more than 100 miles north of Kentucky.

Are they suggesting that Illinois underachievers go to Kentucky to get their GED? And maybe stay there?

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