Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random thoughts on a Thursday morning

I wake up some days with a headful of thoughts, none of which merits a lengthy treatise here. This is one of those days.

I took a couple of melatonin caps before bed last night and slept like an oak log until Jack started scrabbling around in his kennel at 6 a.m., announcing he was ready to go out and do some dog business in the back yard. I put him out and crashed back into dreamland until my iPhone alarm went off at 6:30.

So, what’s on my mind?

I’m more than a little pissed off at the Republican congressmen who let Hillary off the hook after her faux outrage yesterday, jabbering “what difference does it make” whether the Benghazi attack was spontaneous or planned because we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It was obviously intended to deflect attention from the elephant in the room – the question of why did the administration withhold military support when the embassy was under attack. And why were the Seals at the CIA compound ordered to “stand down?” And why did the administration keep pushing the lie that it was a demonstration against the bullshit anti-Muslim video when everyone knew it was a well-planned attack?

The obfuscation makes more plausible the notion that the Benghazi operation was a bungled effort to kidnap Ambassador Stevens (who happened to be an Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity brother of mine) and exchange him for the Blind Sheik – something the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has been calling for – to make Obama look like a foreign policy genius on the eve of the election. That’s why the Seals were told to stand down and that’s why the plan came unglued when the Seals disregarded the order, rushed to the embassy and kicked some terrorist ass until they were killed.

I can only guess why the Representatives and Senators ignored the elephant and let Hillary off the hook.

honeypieBut on to something else.

After sitting through a workshop on starting a small business, I have a clearer vision of why most small businesses fail. And a deeper resentment for federal and state government’s obsession with taxing and regulating.

Most of the workshop dealt with the insane labyrinth of taxes and regulations imposed on everyone who just wants to sell a produce or service and make a living for himself and maybe a few employees. It’s absolutely criminal.

On a brighter note, my son Sean and his wife Ruth have been dogless for several months since the demise of their pit bull Daisy.

But they are dogless no more. They adopted Honey Pie, a rescued 2-year-old pittie. Sean gave me a Facetime video call earlier this week to show her off and she looks very happy to be in her new home. I assume her name comes from the song of the same name on the Beatles’ White Album.

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