Saturday, January 19, 2013

Greene County Gun Show

maria gun show

Today was Gun Appreciation Day and we were so appreciative that we drove up to the Greene County Fairgrounds in Paragould and attended the Greene County Gun Show.

Maria has wanted a pistol of her own for a long time – a semi-automatic that would fit her hand and eject the magazine easily for quick reloading. We had seen the Ruger LCP more than a year ago at a local shooting range and, after she tried on several other models, came across an excellent deal on an .380 caliber LCP equipped with a CrimsonTrace laser sight.

So here she is, filling out the requisite paperwork for her new gun.

And since gun show sales are exempt from the three-day waiting period imposed on stores, she brought it home with her along with 100 rounds of target ammo and 25 rounds of hollow point.

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