Thursday, August 02, 2012

Thursday afternoon report


Lisa got a tour of a newspaper today and was impressed with the half-ton rolls of newsprint.

In the meantime, we took Pete to the vet to determine the cause of his weight loss, loss of appetite and inability to keep water in his stomach.

Some X-rays and tests later, Dr. Heather Curry said the problem is that his liver is on the verge of complete failure. She is keeping him for a day or two or three to give him antibiotics and other meds in hopes of breathing life into his liver which is underdeveloped because of a lack of blood supply, a congenital condition that we’ve been treating for years. The best case scenario is that she can maybe give him another eight months or so of reasonable quality of life. She didn’t recommend putting Pete down without trying to reverse his downward spiral.

I’m praying for success because I’m not ready to say goodbye to my little Aussie buddy just yet. He could probably use your prayers too.

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