Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Still working with Pete

pete eats 72

We’re struggling to get Pete to eat. He turns up his nose at the Hill’s l/d Canine Hepatic Health canned dog food the vet gave us to feed him – presumably two cans a day. He has yet to eat a whole can of the stuff.

ld dogfoodI tricked him into eating some of it last night by sprinkling in a little dried salmon and bits of Jack’s IAMS food – it’s always a big deal for one of the dogs to get some of the other dog’s food – and he ate a little.

I did some online research this morning into recommended diets for dogs with liver problems in the hope of finding something that would excite his palate. Following recommendations I found at dogaware.com, Maria whipped up some scrambled eggs and cheese since eggs and cheese are a better source of protein than meat for liver-impaired dogs.

Pete loved it (see photo above) and wolfed it down, but then barfed the whole thing up about 10 minutes later. This in spite of twice-daily anti-nausea pills.

We’re now giving him just a little bit at a time to see if he can keep it down without getting his stomach overwhelmed.

Thanks for the support and prayers. Please keep our little Aussie in your thoughts and prayers.

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