Friday, August 24, 2012

No concussion. I think.

BANDAIDYes, that’s a Band Aid on my forehead. It covers a half-inch cut.

I was opening the back door to let the dogs in for their breakfast when Jack the Aussie flung his 55-pound frame against the door, causing it to bash me in the forehead.

Stunned, I reeled backwards across the back hallway,coming to a stop to lean up against a closet door, clutching my forehead and yelling obscenities. It took me about a minute to recover my senses and suppress the urge to commit dogicide.

Maria had me sit down at the kitchen table and apply a paper towel to the cut until it quit bleeding. Fortunately, it was shallow, only bled a little and doesn’t require stitches.

Now, a couple of hours later, as I wait to hear from the cable TV guy who is supposed to solve our streaming video problems, I have a bit of a goose egg at the point of impact.

I will, of course, keep my head out of harm’s way in the future when I open a door for dogs.

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