Monday, August 06, 2012

Poodle foot

pete healing72

I picked Pete up at the vet’s office yesterday afternoon and brought him home.

The vet has him on a special liver-support diet of prescription wet dog food with a plan to shift him to the dry version in a few days. He’s also on an antibiotic and an anti-nausea pill and something else that I don’t remember what it’s for. That’s in addition to his Leventa for thyroid and Denamarin for liver.

Pete clearly feels better and is enjoying being home with his pack and having all the petting and love he can stand. We let him sleep on the bed with us last night and I think he couldn’t believe his good fortune. He’s a good bed sleeper – just flops down and goes to sleep without a lot of rolling around or fidgeting.

You can see where they shaved his right front leg for the IV, leaving him with what we call a “poodle foot.”

Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and prayers. Pete isn’t going to live forever – maybe only a few more months – but the slippery downward slope just got a little less slippery and we hope we’ve bought him some quality time.

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