Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fishes and loaves


We had an impromptu dinner party last night that was great, unexpected fun.

Along about dinnertime, our friend Susan (the blonde), called to say she wanted to drop off some paperwork. She brought her daughter Maggie (the blonde girl on the left) and her poodle Solomon.

Maggie went next door to hang out with her best friend Clay (looking over his shoulder at the camera). They eventually ended up in our dining room, along with Clay’s little brother Jackson (AWOL in this shot), and his parents Sophie (the brunette) and Shannon (serving himself some barbecued meatloaf on the right).

Our guests got treated to some of Maria’s great Hoosier cooking along with my mother’s fabulous pumpkin pie.

I really like this shot because it reminds me of the Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving/Freedom from Want illustration with the guy at the bottom of the picture looking at the viewer.

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