Friday, August 31, 2012

Should be a huge contrast

clint eastwood

The Republican Convention made my week.

Once again, FOX News gave me the best coverage and analysis. I checked in briefly last night with the three major networks and PBS and found the usual smug cynical snarkiness.

I jumped over to C-SPAN when FOX cut away for commentary and caught some of the stuff I would have missed otherwise.

I began the week committed to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket mostly because I want to deny Obama a second term. By the adjournment last night, I realized that I’m now going to the polls to vote for someone I like and trust, rather than just casting a ballot against someone I can’t stand.

Besides personalizing Mitt Romney, the convention was a celebration of American exceptionalism – something Barak Obama clearly does not believe in.

The brilliant show put on by the Republicans is going to be a very hard act for the Democrats to follow next week.

It will be amusing to see how they try to polish a turd.

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