Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Pete Report

pete mope72

We’ve been feeding Pete smaller portions of scrambled egg and cheese because they’re a better source of protein than red meat for dogs with liver disease and he’s been able to keep it in his stomach.

My online research led me to wonder if hempseed oil might be of some value, so I ordered a bottle from It arrived via FedEx this morning and I drizzled some onto a fresh bowl of the Hill’s Prescription wet dog food. Pete went after it with unexpected enthusiasm.

A diligent web search will turn up several testimonials about hempseed oil being involved in dramatic reversals of liver problems in people and dogs. There doesn’t seem to be much scientific research on the subject, but there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence that it’s helpful, possibly because it’s rich in Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 3. There are hempseed oil preparations made especially for dogs, which I plan to try if we see good results with the Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil.

I dropped by the Animal Medical Center to update Dr. Heather Curry on Pete’s situation and outlined what we’ve done to stimulate his appetite. She endorsed everything we’ve done. While she said she has little experience with hempseed oil in veterinary medicine, she figures that given Pete’s current prognosis, it can’t hurt.

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