Friday, May 25, 2012

Several kinds of stupid

Here’s a photo I shot at a gas station in downstate Illinois on the Labor Day holiday weekend of 1988. BMW rider/friend Rich Nathan and I were on our way home from a ride to the Ozarks.
Their mom is smoking a cigarette next to a gas pump, but that’s hardly the worst of the kids’ worries.
These fraternal twins – assuming their parents didn’t kill them through negligence or stupidity – would be in their mid-20s today.
Just a reminder to my fellow motorcyclists on the eve of the Memorial Day holiday weekend (no, it’s not the “Memorial Weekend”) to wear all of your gear and make sure your passengers do too. Also, never let a kid ride on the gas tank. Think about what happens if you have to make a panic stop – you either launch the kid off the front of the bike or grab the kid and compromise your ability to brake.
In short, don’t be a moron.

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