Sunday, May 06, 2012

Autographed photo of the day


Sometime back in the 1990s I noticed a lot of autographed photos up for auction on Ebay were named to specific people. I started searching for photos that were named “to John” and started collecting them.

I ended up framing them and creating a gallery in the downstairs half-bath of my condo on the northside of Indianapolis. I never displayed them at our house in Thorntown and they’ve been in a box in the garage since we moved here in the autumn of 2007.

If I can’t hang them (Maria doesn’t like the cheap frames that don’t match each other), I’ll blog them instead.

Here’s 1950s movie star Kim Novak. She walked away from Hollywood, married a veterinarian and lives on a ranch in southwest Oregon. She was reportedly diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 but her manager said she was undergoing treatment was expected to make a full recovery. She turned 79 in February.

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