Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gannett Benefits Center tries to lie their way out of their March fuck-up

gannettsecondform You may recall that I blogged on March 29 about a fatally flawed effort by the Gannett Benefits Center to update retiree insurance beneficiary information. They sent a flyer with a form that omitted any place for the retiree’s name. Anyone who completed one ended up sending in the name of their beneficiary with no way to know whose beneficiary it is. Smart, huh?
I threw it away, as did hundreds of others, when I realized it was useless. I figured they’d try again and, sure enough, the second letter appeared in my mailbox yesterday.
Rather than admit their moronic blunder, they tried to pretend there was no mistake.
Here’s what they wrote (italics are mine):
Recently, you were solicited to provide Gannett with updated beneficiary information. If' you’ve already responded to that letter we sent in March, please take a moment to call the Gannett Benefits Center at xxx-xxx-xxxx to confirm we have your beneficiary information.
This letter serves as your second chance to provide us your updated beneficiary information if you haven’t previously completed this task. Please fill out the simple tear-off form below and return it in the enclosed envelope on or before June 8, 2012.
“Confirm?” No, that’s just a way to get the info from the dopes who didn’t realize the first form wasn’t worth filling out. “Second chance” my ass. This is the first real chance. Why not just say you fucked up and get on with it, rather than try to lie to us?
Yes, I filled out this form and will mail it Tuesday.

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