Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Utah sunset, 1994

utah sunset

I shot this photo of my 1991 BMW K100RS at sunset on Aug. 27, 1994 where U.S. 50 meets southbound I-15 just south of Holden, Utah.

I was eastbound, having left Tracy, Calif. just east of San Francisco that morning and aiming for Green River, Utah. Shortly after I got onto I-15, I overtook a thunderstorm, canceled my reservation at Green River and took a room at the Howard Johnson’s Motor Inn in Salina. I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped, but it was still a 714-mile day.

I used an Olympus Stylus point-and-shoot 35mm film camera that I bought 13 days earlier in Kalispell, Mont. The last time I carried that camera was to the BMW MOA Rally in Burlington, Vt. in 2006.

1994tripjournalI know these details because I kept a daily travel journal in those days. That was before I had the technology to blog from the road. Being a Cancerian who hates to throw anything away, I still have all of my travel journals, so I can retrieve all kinds of minutiae from my several Mid-Life Crisis Tours.

I rode to Breckenridge the next day and spent the next five days hanging out with Indianapolis BMW Club friends at our rented chalet in Breck.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

Nice! Brings out the wanderlust in me. *sigh*