Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday morning check-in

082935I hadn’t planned to have breakfast at Panera this morning, but I my Honda del Sol had a dead battery and I needed to drive it somewhere after I jump-started it.

I got into it night before last to put the new insurance card into the glove compartment, failed to close the passenger door completely and the dome light wiped out the battery. Doh!

The good news is that it started right up. After airing up the tires, I cruised in to town and took advantage of the free bowl of oatmeal I’ve earned through my regular patronage of Panera with their My Panera program. Another $1.89 for coffee, 16 cents in tax and I have a breakfast for $2.05.

The stump fire is in its 17th day today and we’re running out of fuel, even after chainsawing about 15 feet off of the fallen tree from the other side of the back yard on Sunday. So it looks like it may go out for lack of fuel rather than because of rain. At any rate, we have reduced the stump considerably and disposed of several hundred pounds of wood, most of which came to earth in the January 2009 ice storm.

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