Sunday, April 08, 2012

Buying beer on Easter Sunday


Here I am at Mr. T’s Riverside, just across the St. Francis River in Missouri, doing something you can’t do in Arkansas – buying a six-pack of beer on Easter Sunday.

Nearly all of the vehicles in the parking lot bore Arkansas plates. I guess Missourians don’t run out of booze on holiday Sundays.

I made good on my vow to give up beer for Lent and am breaking my beer fast easterspatenwith my all-time favorite, Spaten Optimator Doppelbock.

The stump fire begins its third week today, stoked with deadfall from our side yard that I’ve been mowing around for three summers. We hooked the wagon to the lawn tractor, loaded it with a chainsaw and gas can and cleared out the fallen tree limbs I’ve been ignoring for so long.

If I get ambitious this afternoon, I may start in on the dead tree that fell in our back yard with a resounding thump about 11:30 p.m., Sept. 11, 2010. The 45-foot-long log has lain undisturbed since then. Now that I’m feeling ambitious about clearing and burning, it may be time to deal with it.

But I’ll wait at least an hour to metabolize my beer before I think about picking up a chainsaw.

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