Monday, April 02, 2012

Pete’s payback


Aussies are highly intelligent and sensitive dogs – something we’ve known for a long time, but the weekend’s events underscored it.

Pete has become a little lazy about asking to go outside when he needs to poop and has a favorite spot on the dining room carpet.

We were watching TV Saturday evening when Pete strolled into the living room from the dining room looking a little guilty.

Maria sprang up, ran to the dining room and emerged with a couple of firm (thank God for IAMS) pieces of dog poop in a paper napkin, which she angrily showed to Pete while scolding him. Pete looked embarrassed. I’d like to think he was doubly embarrassed because he was being humiliated in front of young Jack, but that’s probably reading too much into the situation.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon when Maria was piecing quilt blocks in her sewing room. She said Pete strolled in, hunched down and dropped four big doglogs, right in front of her!

She also noted that Pete has preferred to sit or lie next to me, rather than her, since the Saturday night episode.

I’m reminded of a similar occasion during my first marriage when I abused our mixed-breed dog and he promptly took a dump on my toolbox on the back porch.

The late great Ruthie the Wonder Dog, was so annoyed when we deployed invisible fencing at our new house in Thorntown that she snuck up to our bedroom and peed on our bed. Fortunately, it was a waterbed and we weren’t stuck with a conventional mattress reeking of dog whiz.

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