Friday, April 13, 2012

ATO flashback


I don’t recall what led me to it, but I discovered an archival site yesterday that had a couple of long-lost (to me, anyway) images from my Alpha Tau Omega allendale boxedFraternity days at Indiana State University.

The photo above was shot on Nov. 1, 1963 at ISU’s Allendale Lodge on the south side of Terre Haute, Ind. at an ATO beatnik-themed party.

A slightly cropped version of the photo appeared in the 1964 Sycamore yearbook, so it wasn’t until I saw this image yesterday that I noticed I was in the shot – barely. That’s me at the far left.

Also in the shot is my fellow Delphi Oracle and ATO brother C. Reed McCormick, who died late last month of a heart attack. Reed is circled.

atodance02The site – Wabash Valley Visions & Voices: A Digital Memory Project – had one more photo with me in it: This shot of an ATO dance at the Tirey Memorial Union Building on Oct. 16, 1964.

ato dance circleHere I am again, this time with my girlfriend and later my wife of 26 years, Diane Kroon. I was a sophomore and Diane was a freshman at Indiana University. And there’s Reed, just to the left of Diane.

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