Monday, November 21, 2011

What’s in a name?

john buddy 02

We have a new Aussie puppy.

His birthname was Luke but we’re searching for an alternative. I like Buddy or Skip. Maria likes Henry. Some facebook friends like Boomer.

We spent most of yesterday in the car on a round trip of 570 miles. I did all the driving and the pup really bonded with Maria on the way home, alternately looking out the window and napping in her arms.

He’s frisky and smart and extremely handsome. (His grandfather was judged best of breed in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show a few years ago.) He wasn’t insanely expensive because he has some kind of subtle defect that keeps him from being a showdog. It’s nothing we can see, so we don’t care.


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Rich said...

Henry is a good name. Sounds strong and steady. One of the old names you don't hear that much anymore, like Arthur.