Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weird enough to be cool

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         As I’ve demonstrated here before, I’m a sucker for exotic jacket designs.

I was cruising some online military surplus web sites to see if there were any good deals on fun stuff today when I found myself at

Working my way down the categories, I finally came to “Gone But Not Forgotten” in which the proprietor laments the disappearance of Swiss field jackets and a Swedish motorcycle jacket he calls “one of the finest military smcjackets ever made. They are super thick canvas with a thick pile liner. If you have a quantity of these, we would like to buy them.”

The accompanying photo looked kinda cool, so I Googled “Swedish motorcycle jacket” and found a link to The Sportsman’s Guide. I’ve seen commercials for The Sportsman’s Guide on the Outdoor Channel, but never bothered to check them out before today.

Turns out they have the jacket in question for a mere $49.97 and they have the pants for just $26.97! Plus, I get an $8 discount if I join their Buyer’s Club for $29.99 a year. It only took about a half-hour of browsing their insanely rich inventory of U.S. and foreign military surplus to realize the Buyer’s Club deal works for me.

So I ordered the jacket and pants, just to see if they’re as cool as they look online. I figure I can resell them on Ebay if they turn out to be crap.

At the very least, I’ll almost certainly be the only BMW rider in northeast Arkansas with a Swedish Army motorcycle suit.


Rich said...

I want to see that suit with your new helmet on the green K75.

Anonymous said...

So... did it turn out as You anticipated?
I have had severall, and they are warm!
There were some jackets made in black leather too! But they are scarce, and costs a small fortune.

Cecilia Sue said...
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Gianluca Gaggi said...

Where i can find that jacket. I'm searching for days but no one have it.