Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The rain turned to snow about 6 o’clock last evening and it continued through most of the night to give us the first snowfall of the season.
There’s always something charming about the first snow of the season that later snows can’t possibly replicate because my perception changes from novel and beautiful to cold, sloppy, and inconvenient. I like snow better here in northeast Arkansas because it doesn’t overstay its welcome and generally melts away in a day or two. The overnight temperature never got below 35, so this snow was doomed from the get-go and is melting quickly. The last time I looked, the forecast was for windy weather and a high around 47, meaning the snow will be gone by sundown.
Jack, being only 12 weeks old, had never seen snow before last night. He didn’t seem particularly impressed..

4:55 p.m. -  As I predicted, the temperature rose into the 40s and the snow is gone.

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