Friday, November 18, 2011

Faster, bigger, better

dell 64gb

It took a couple of weeks, but my netbook is back in action with a new solid state hard drive.

The 64GB SSD I ordered on Nov. 4 to replace the 32GB drive that crapped out while we were at Table Rock Reservoir finally showed up in our mailbox this morning.

And less than three hours later, I’m up and running, having cloned the Windows XP (SP3) operating system and some other basic stuff from the original 8 GB SSD that came with my Dell Inspiron Mini 9. I also installed software to let me use my Wifi-enabled Kodak printer, For Two Wheels Only (FTWO), a record-keeping program for motorcycles that I’ve used since the ‘90s; Open Office, a free office suite, and the latest version of GIMP, a free image editing program.

I needed an antivirus program, so I installed Titanium Internet Security 2012 by Trend Micro. I got a review copy from the Vine program and this was the first opportunity to put it onto one of our machines and evaluate it for a review.

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