Tuesday, November 01, 2011

On vacation, kinda


We’re enjoying the luxuries of the Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Reservoir for three days and two nights with Maria’s parents.

It was a four-hour drive from home over some insane twisty roads but it was worth the drive.

The amenities are astonishing and the service is wonderful.

This is a deal put together by Bass Pro Shops. We signed up a few months ago at the Memphis Bass Pro Shops with the understanding that we get three days and two nights at the resort if we agreed to sit through a condo timeshare presentation. The guy who signed us up said it would be a 30-minute presentation with no pressure. We heard this evening it would be 90-120 minutes, but what the hell. It’s still a reasonable price to pay, especially since they’re throwing Bass Pro Shops gift cards at us.

We had a killer dinner this evening at one of the on-premises restaurants and understand there’s more like that to come.

We’re heading up to Springfield, Mo. and the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World mothership. I was there last spring with a friend, but we only spent about an hour wandering around. We’ll do some quality time shopping tomorrow.

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