Friday, August 19, 2011

Another reason to love

kathmandu pants

I ordered a Hi-Viz FirstGear Kilimanjaro jacket from on closeout a couple of days ago for $189 (down from $299.95) because it was a killer deal on an all-weather riding jacket.

But what good is a breathable, waterproof jacket without breathable waterproof pants?

In answer to my question, this morning announced a week-long sale on all of its FirstGear stuff. They don’t carry Kilimanjaro pants, but they do have Kathmandu pants that are well-engineered, breathable and waterproof, on sale for $125 (down from ($199.95). I pulled the trigger and they’re on their way to me – both items shipped free!

So I end up with a $500 waterproof FirstGear riding outfit for $314. And I can leave my rain gear at home. How cool is that?

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