Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snowy Saturday morning


We got about a half-inch of crusty snow overnight and the finches are swarming the thistle seed feeder this morning.

Maria tells me this is the last of our thistle seed, so we’ll have to resupply next time we go to town.

Indianapolis BMW Club friend Wayne Garrison says our friend Howard Mudd’s retirement from the NFL lasted less than a year after his Colts lost in last year’s Super Bowl:

Just got off the phone with Howard Mudd.
He has come out of retirement to coach offensive line with the Philadelphia Eagles.
He sounded so excited to be back in football again.
He will be coaching with his old friend Jim Washburn who was the defensive line coach at Tennessee.
Howard and Jim took a bmw trip to south Africa together.
Go Howard

Howard says he expects to be at the BMW MOA International Rally in Bloomsburg, Pa., in July, so I’ll see him there if I make it to the rally. I hope he wears his Goobertown, Arkansas t-shirt.

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