Friday, February 18, 2011


Some days, I get so pissed off at developments in this country that I can’t even focus.

And it gets compounded when some of my Facebook “friends” demonstrate that they’re part of the problem instead of promoting solutions. I’ve decided the most diplomatic way to deal with things like attacking Congressman Mike Pence and expressing solidarity with the union goons in Wisconsin is to just hide all of their posts in my News Feed. I’ve done that with one of my libtard motorcycle friends. It spares me the annoyance of reading their moronic posts without the confrontational approach of un-friending them.

Although I did unfriend one bully who presumed to lecture me on the subject of media bias. After nearly 50 years in and around newspapering, I don’t need some chickenshit high school teacher explaining the liberal media to me.

I’m sure he’d be out chanting union slogans today if he were in Wisconsin. And who’s to say he isn’t, since Obama’s Organize America and the Democrat National Committee are busing demonstrators in from outside of Wisconsin to pump up the numbers?

It’s time for all of us to bite the bullet and get this economy under control before Obama and his cronies destroy the dollar and plunge us all into global financial chaos. If that means I have to give up part of my monthly Social Security check or Medicare benefits, so be it, although I could argue that those programs represent money I paid into the system during my working years.

The handful of Wisconsin government workers who have been raising hell this week need to shut the fuck up and notice that most of their coworkers stayed on the job and are presumably willing to pay half the health insurance rates that their neighbors in non-government jobs have been paying.

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Bride Of Rove said...

People have lost their minds this past week, yes? I've been hiding posts on facebook for over a year. I just can't take it. It's pointless to debate them anyway. Unless you agree with them then you are "not listening" and "closed minded".

Hot air has several threads that have gone off the rails in the past few days with Union trolls bogarting the discussion. I can't help but think the international corporations are laughing their asses off, because as we are here trying to wrest back some order and logic in small corners of local governments, they are in the process of collapsing large governments (Google in Egypt, Soros pretty much everywhere). Sublime distraction but when it's all over, all we may have left are the small corners and the illusion of control.