Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Error corrected

One of the first things I do when I open my eyes every morning is reach for my iPod Touch and check email, weather, news and Facebook.

My email included this message from H&R Block:

We've detected an issue with your e-filed federal return. You must correct your return and resubmit it.

Crap! I had hoped it would be notification that the IRS had accepted the return and was processing our refund.

I came up to the office, launched the tax software and determined that the IRS disputes that I received a $250 Economic Recovery “stimulus” payment last year. I thought I did. But when I went to the IRS website and checked, it turns out that I did not.

So I went to Form M and unchecked the “yes” box and checked the “no” box and closed the form.

And much to my amazement, the amount of our refund increased by $250.

Allrighty then.

I refiled the return and now patiently await notice that the money is back in our checking account.

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