Monday, February 21, 2011

Public relations suicide

Organized labor, especially unions representing government workers, are committing public relations suicide.

As this and many other videos vividly illustrate, these people are embracing the leftist belief that the end justifies the means and that no lie or dirty trick is too extreme to get what they want.

Whether it’s handing out fake medical excuses for demonstrators or Democrat Wisconsin state senators fleeing the state to avoid voting or trying to damage the sound system for a Tea Party counter-rally, they make a mockery of their claim to the moral high ground.

So sure of themselves and their power are the union bosses and thugs that they think they can bully and intimidate governors and legislators into giving them the kind of preferential treatment they’re used to getting at the hands of Democrat politicians.

And it’s precisely this overplaying of their hand that will be their undoing. They’re already outnumbered by the Tea Party folks and their ham-fisted tactics are turning the rest of the country against them, including many from within their own union ranks.

It should be noted that the union agitators, including several from out of state, who tried to hold Wisconsin government hostage last week, were far outnumbered by the thousands of teachers, police, fire fighters and other government workers who stayed on the job and refused to participate in the public tantrum.

Barring any unforeseen developments, I think we’re watching organized labor destroy itself.

Americans, in increasing numbers, are taking a stand with the union members who recognize they have an obligation to help rein in government spending and are willing to be part of the solution.

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