Friday, February 18, 2011

Amazing comparison

Be sure to set your viewer to its highest resolution for the best effect

I have a standard GoPro Hero video camera that I bought a couple of years ago at MotoGP in Indianapolis. It’s a great little camera, but this comparison with an insanely expensive Canon HD video camera has me jonesing bigtime for the GoPro Hero HD, which costs about 1/17 the price of the Canon camera:

The ultimate Hero HD shootout: Eye Of Mine Multimedia has put a $4500 Canon XH-A1 HDV video camera against the $259 HD Hero in a video shootout.
Watch in HD to see all the detail. Both cameras were shot 'out of the box' with no editing enhancements.
Obviously we're not saying buy the GoPro instead of the Prof. Canon, but we are saying 'look how amazing this little camera is'. It's a great compliment to whatever prof. or consumer equipment you already have. After all, if you wanted a shot looking at the driver through the steering wheel, how in the world would you do that with your big prof camera? Not a problem with the GoPro HD Hero.
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