Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Burning the clock

My iPod Touch earphones have gone all nasty and tinny. I get better bass response with the earbuds that came with my iPod Shuffle.sgfeb2

I’m hanging out at Seattle Grind, being the designated driver today. That’s because the del Sol door opened this morning, but wouldn’t latch when closed because of internal freezing. So, rather than chance having to hold the door shut while driving, I drove Maria to work in the Subaru Forester and did my to-ing and fro-ing in it.

But I’m not drinking coffee. I’ve been feeling the effects of too much caffeine lately, what with my daily homemade vente mocha cappuccino. I’d had some tightening of the throat and chest that came and went over the last several days. It showed up yesterday morning about halfway through my cappuccino, so I decided to take a break from coffee for awhile. No caffeine so far today and no jangled feelings.

I’ve decaffeinated myself a few times and managed it with only a little crankiness, so this should be fairly easy.

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