Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Subaru troubles

My daily routine is off a bit today and will be tomorrow thanks to problems with the Subaru.

It reverted to its nasty cold-weather habit yesterday of faltering and stumbling and filling the interior with exhaust fumes. Maria wasn’t 100 per cent confident that it would get her home from work last evening, but it did.

So I drove it down to Gateway Tire this morning to let them hook up their diagnostic computer and ask the car what’s bothering it. Naturally, it ran fine and there was no trace of exhaust fumes.

The technicians concluded it just needs a tune-up, but explained the necessary parts couldn’t be found in Jonesboro and the earliest they could have them in hand would be 2 p.m.

I decided to just reschedule for the first thing tomorrow morning and let them have at it then.

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