Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun with electrons

I charged the battery on my K1200GT last week, then plugged the charger into the accessory outlet on Maria’s K75S.
After three days, the BMW Advanced Battery Charger was still flashing a red light where I expected a green light to signify a charged battery charger
Could it be that the charger, which has worked flawlessly on the GT’s glass mat battery, isn’t right for the K75’s gel battery?
I dug out the packaging for the charger and confirmed that BMW says it’s appropriate for all types of batteries – glass mat, gel, lead-acid.
Then my eyes fell upon the explanation of the indicator lights.
Flashing red means no connection has been established with the battery.
So I plugged my Gerbings heated jacket controller into the K75’s accessory plug and turned it on. No monitor light or other indication that it was getting juice.
So I’ll have to charge the battery with the charger’s accessory battery terminal clamps until I can troubleshoot the accessory outlet problem. (I pulled the left sidecover and inspected the fuses, but found them all intact.) It also means I won’t be able to ride the K75S in cold weather and use my Gerbings heated clothing until the accessory plug connection is restored.

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